Important Guidelines & Instructions




1 Guidelines for prevention of fire on 25kV electric locomotives 
2 Replacement of ECSX make 24 MHz crystals by FOX make crystals in electronic cards of 3-Phase electric locos (Modification sheet no. RDSO/2011/EL/MS/0391 Rev '0' dated 04.02.11)
3 Regular cut-in of new software release to enable regenerative braking in slave loco in MU consist in WAG-9 & WAG-9H
4 Instructions for Movement of Dead Electric & Diesel Locomotive
5 Guidelines for maintenance of High Voltage Bushing (Micafil) for 3-Phase locomotives
6 Maintenance instructions for Heatless Regenerative Twin Tower type compressed Air Dryer

Instructions for testing of damping characteristics & overhauling of hydraulic dampers used in locomotive

8 Modification in Traction Motor nose suspension system for provision of additional 'L' clamp and split pin
9 Testing instructions for IRAVB-2 dual brake system fitted on WAG5 class electric locomotive
10 Policy circular no. 6
11 RDSO's report no. TFC-77 (January 2002) of the Committee on Powering of Freight trains on graded section